Reasons to Build a Pool When You Retire:

Taking care of ourselves as we age.

What stage of your life is perfect for taking the plunge into pool ownership? For many people the answer to that question is retirement. That’s when many of us finally have the money to afford a pool and the time to enjoy it. Of course we may not look quite as good in a bathing suit as we used to – but hey, that’s what a privacy fence is for!

Granted, owning a pool isn’t for every retiree, or non-retiree, for that matter. Some might choose to move into an over-55 community where they can enjoy a community pool without the obligations of ownership. But for a select few, there’s no better place to retire than a home with a private swimming pool. If you are retired, or nearing retirement age, here are a few reasons why owning a pool might be right up your alley:

  • You can spend more time by the pool than those who have to work. After years of working, retirement should be about doing the things that you want to do. If that includes swimming or relaxing in the sun or both, then adding a pool could increase your happiness and overall well-being. Sprucing up your home with luxuries like this is especially appealing.
  • Perhaps you couldn’t afford a pool for much of your working life or you chose greater financial security over the extra luxury. At retirement, you probably have more money overall and more confidence about how much you can spend. True, not everyone has the type of nest egg that can absorb a big, expensive project like this. But for many, a pool is exactly the sort of prize they have been saving for all these years.
  • Water exercise does your body good! A pool is a great place to get some joint-friendly exercise. Water exercise offers health benefits to people of all ages, but there are extra perks for seniors. Perhaps the biggest one is that it’s much easier on your joints than other forms of exercise. The experts tell us that exercise is a huge factor in preventing or slowing dementia. You can always take a water aerobics class at your local fitness center, but having a pool in your backyard makes it far easier to stick with the program and maintain a healthy lifestyle in retirement.
  • It’s an excuse to get together with friends and family. One of the downsides of retiring is that you tend to lose touch with people – and that’s not a good thing. With your own pool you have the perfect place to host parties for family and friends. And if you have grandchildren, a pool is great for keeping them entertained for hours on end, not spent in front of a TV or a computer game. You will be giving them memories that last.

Isn’t retirement about being together and staying healthy? Let us help you do that! Call us today!

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