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Planting Around a Pool: The Best and Worst Plants for a Pool Area

Here is a look at what plants you should – and shouldn’t – install around a pool area. When we say we want a tropical oasis, what are we really envisioning? Maybe we see a tranquil water feature, warm breeze and, of course, lush and colorful foliage.  This vision can be brought to life by…
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Protect Your Pets and Children from Pool Accidents

Once installed, the Pool Protector cannot be deactivated, so it will always be armed and ready. You can switch it to "sleep mode" for while you are swimming. It will reactive on its own when it knows there is no movement in the water. If the alarm is tampered with by someone who does not…
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Reasons to Build a Pool When You Retire:

Taking care of ourselves as we age. What stage of your life is perfect for taking the plunge into pool ownership? For many people the answer to that question is retirement. That’s when many of us finally have the money to afford a pool and the time to enjoy it. Of course we may not…
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